Index to Interviews for Moving Forward: Alberta Women and Work

Tarik Accord
Somalia-born Tarik Accord worked in several cleaning firms. Injured on the job at one of them, she helped form a union at Bee Clean and served as a union steward, emphasizing education of members regarding their legal rights with regards to occupational health and safety.

Angela Allen
Red Seal journeyperson concrete/cement finisher, member of the LIUNA Construction and General Workers’ Union, Local 92. First woman concrete/cement finisher in the City of Calgary sidewalk division. Chair of Build Together Alberta.

Aisha Amin
Journeyperson welder; she contributed her welding skills to the festival community for many years by producing large frames for the annual Cariwest street parade.

Joyce Avramenko
Joyce Avramenko describes the roles of coal miners’ wives in their communities and the extent of domestic abuse that many of these women experienced.

Lesley Baker

Anne Baranyk-Broad

Linda Bridge & Barb Charles

Wendy Brigham
Wendy Brigham had a long nursing career at Rocky View General Hospital beginning in 1980, and of union activism including both local mentoring and solidarity actions with nurses at other facilities.

Ellen Bullock

Yessy Byl

Barb Byers

Kathie Bzdel

Marie Campbell
Marie Campbell had a long career in nursing in Saskatchewan and Edmonton , during which she participated in 5 strikes and became a Ward Rep who mentored new nurses coming into her workplace.

Catherine Canning

Laurie Coates

Kim Conway

Karen Craik
Karen Craik is the Secretary-Treasurer of the United Nurses of Alberta, a position held since 1996. She has a long history with UNA, from their founding in 1977 to the present day, protecting nurses’ rights and our healthcare system.

Delanee Daviau
Red Seal journeyperson welder; member of Ironworkers Local 720; one of the original members of Build Together Alberta.

Carol Anne Dean (1)

Carol Anne Dean (2)

Ann Dort-Maclean

Lisa Dubbeldam
Lisa Dubbeldam’s work in community nursing caused her to become an advocate for full assessments and adequate staffing to support the needs of her patients.

Angela Fiddler
Angela Fiddler, a member of the Waterhen Cree Nation, faced racism in oilsands’ work camps and was able, as a shop steward for UFCW Local 401, to bargain for Indigenous rights to worship in the camps.

Nancy Furlong

Tanya George
Tanya George has made community health nursing, with emphasis on the relationship between family health and the health of entire communities, the focus of her nursing career.

Evelyn Gilbert

Vicki Gillingham
Vicki Gillingham is an Indigenous woman and union activist who works as a process operator at Suncor.

Angela Grandbois
Dene Albertan and journeyperson with over 10 years of experience as a pipefitter-steamfitter; member of UA Local 488; recently completed her certification in Power Engineering.

Sheila Greckol

Lydia and Tony Husyk

Kim Jaedicke

Deb Jamerson
From Winnipeg with roots in the Black settler communities of Amber Valley and Maidstone. Union activist helping to lead the struggle against discrimination in wages towards Black health care aides; opposed privatization of homecare in Manitoba.

Karen Kennedy

Bev Lawrence

Yvette Lynch
Born in Barbados, arrived in Calgary via Montreal. Worked as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital and participated in the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Cyriline Lynch-Parker
Worked  as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital; union activist who participated in  the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Siobhan Mangal
Apprentice in the Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association, Local 222 and apprentice with the Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers, Local 110.

Alanna Marklund
Journeyperson welder, member of UA Local 488; UA Canada, national manager for youth, diversity, and Indigenous relations.

Joyce McArthur

Lori McDaniel

Dorothy McKenna

Adeline Miron

Arlene Moreside
Arlene Moreside explains why the provincial UNA strike in 1988 proved a pivotal event in achieving gains in the area of occupational health and safety.

Doreen Morton

Susan Parcels

Bena Pattni

Tanis Pichette

Jacqueline Preyde

Mary Price

Bob Price & Diane Peterson

Alexis Ranger

Chellae Rehbein

Linda Roberts
Linda Roberts was president of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Staff Nurses’ Association when she became a founding member of UNA in 1977.

Marle Roberts

Linda Robinson
Linda Robinson is an Indigenous polio survivor, determined to fight for improvements for Indigenous people.

Louise Rogers
Louise Rogers, RN, played a leading role in the merger of the Staff Nurses’ Association and UNA that made UNA the representative of all nurses in Alberta.

Lisa Rose

Jean Ross (2003)

Jean Ross (2005)

Jessie Saruk
Jessie Saruk, grand-daughter and daughter of Ukrainian-Canadian homesteaders, became a teacher and activist in the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Suzanne Sirias

Kathleen and Charles Smith

Anna Sokolawski
Anna Sokolawski was, at the time of her interview, a new graduate nurse, who was discovering the impact of nursing shortages on both her own, and patient, safety.

Aman Takhar
Aman Takhar, RN, credits the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA) union leadership and solidarity for ensuring that nurses’ voices are heard at level where policy change can be made.

Muriel Stanley Venne (1)
Muriel Stanley-Venne is a lifelong fighter for human rights and justice for Indigenous women and men.

Muriel Stanley Venne (2)
Muriel Stanley-Venne is a lifelong fighter for human rights and justice for Indigenous women and men.

Karen Sputek

Jan Tarasoff

Grace Thostenson

Doug and Evelyn Tomlinson

Muriel Turner-Wilkinson

Siobhan Vipond

Doreen Wabasca
First woman hired by the City of Edmonton in a road construction job; foreperson for the City; truck driver.

Maureen Werlin

Norma Wesche

Agnes and Lorne Wiley

Beth Wiwchar

Myrna Wright