Aisha Amin

Aisha Amin, journeyperson welder

Year: 2019
Location: Edmonton
Profile: Aisha Amin is an experienced journeyperson welder who takes pride in perfecting her craft whether on a ‘shutdown’, a major construction project, or in a local welding yard. Amin has worked for a variety of employers, including small businesses and major corporations. She cites structures and beams on the Anthony Henday or Rogers Place as examples of her contribution to the City of Edmonton. A Visible Minority and parent, Amin has contributed her welding skills to the festival community for many years, by producing large frames for the annual Cariwest street parade.
Keywords: Apprenticeship; Blue Book; Craft training; Crane operations; Equal opportunity; High pressure welding; PPE; Racism; Rigging work; Visible minority; Welding gears; Women and assertiveness; Women and discrimination; Women and safe work; Women supporting women; Work and gender relations; Work etiquette; Working in confined spaces
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