Judy Blakely

BlakelyInterviewee: Judy Blakely
Year: 2005
Location: Hinton
Profile:  Judy Blakely was born in Kitchener, Ontario and completed her nursing education in Bellamy, Ontario before working in Victoria, then Williams Lake in British Columbia, finally coming to work in Hinton, Alberta.
          Blakely’s interview describes the nursing care systems in both British Columbia and Alberta, indicating their strengths and shortcomings. She is particularly concerned that over time staffing levels have been cut and the numbers of RNs and LPNs have often been reduced with minimally trained personal care attendants taking over many duties. Seniors’ care was a priority for Blakely in her work. She cites lack of affordable housing for seniors as a concern that communities and politicians at all levels need to be addressing.
          Blakely served as a municipal politician, noting she has “always had a soft spot for dealing with people.” She served on council in an effort to make known and address the needs of community members, including her own patients, using her background as a nurse to help inform her decisions.
Keywords: Affordable housing; Long-Term care; Municipal politician; Personal care attendants; Seniors’ care; Staffing. 
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