Honouring Alberta Women and Work

In recognition of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, ALHI hosted a virtual event on March 19, 2021, honouring Alberta women and work. Courageous and inspiring women whose interviews are on the ALHI website – Siobhan Mangal, Angela Grandbois, Angela Fiddler, Karen Craik, and Lisa Andrews – spoke about their experiences and activism in the workplace and in their unions. Linda Robinson gave an important statement on Indigenous rights and the history of displacement, dispossession, and violence against Indigenous peoples.

The virtual event, hosted by ALHI Vice-President Andrea Hasenbank, also highlighted the new theme on the ALHI website, Women in the Skilled Trades. Build Together, Women of the Building Trades collaborated closely with ALHI in organizing and participating in many of the interviews for this theme. Participants were also shown some of what ALHI’s website offers in videos, interviews, and other material about Alberta women and work. The Zoom recording of ALHI’s virtual event can be accessed here.  

IWD/Women’s History Month: Honouring Alberta Women and Work