Beryl L. Scott

Date: 2007
Location: Edmonton
Profile: Beryl Scott, trained in England as a nurse and a midwife, came to Canada to stay after visiting family here. She worked in Ontario for a year prior to coming to Edmonton where she worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for one year. She then found her home at the Grey Nuns Hospital.
            Scott was an advocate from day one, tirelessly advocating for marginalized groups, with her passion, words, and actions advocating for fair and equal treatment for marginalized groups. One week after arriving in Alberta she was involved in a strike that brought in Professional Responsibility Concern language to the nursing contract, and put that language to use upon her return to the ward. Scott has always been dedicated to teaching new nurses and advocating for all workers through her activism with the Alberta Federation of Labour and United Nurses of Alberta. In both she has been particularly active in organizing caucuses for workers of colour, including Indigenous people. Scott also served on the executive board of the United Nurses of Alberta while remaining active on a local level with Local 79.
Keywords:  Advocacy in nursing, Grey Nuns Hospital,  Mentorship in nursing, Professional Responsibility Concern( PRC),  Registered Nurse, Safe Staffing in nursing, Workers of Colour in Nursing
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