Angela Grandbois

Angela GrandboisYear: 2019
Location: Edmonton
Profile: Angela Grandbois is a Dene Albertan with over 10 years of experience as a pipefitter-steamfitter. Grandbois has also completed her certification in Power Engineering. A proud journeyperson, her Indigenous community and heritage are the foundations of her resilience and determination to overcome racial barriers in the workplace.  Grandbois is a young parent who promotes safe work and takes every opportunity to train in new areas; she always promotes her profession. She is a role model for her community and family and influences others to seek a profession in the trades.
Keywords: Apprenticeship; Blue Book, Craft training; Equal opportunity; Indigenous; Pipefitting-steamfitting; Power engineering; Racism; Union consciousness; Visible minority; Women and assertiveness; Women and childcare; Women and discrimination; Women and family; Women and safe work
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