Delanee Daviau

Delanee Daviau at workYear: 2019
Location: Edmonton
Profile: Delanee Daviau, a Red Seal journeyperson welder and proud member of Ironworkers Local 720, is one of the original members of Build Together Alberta and has served as its Chair. Organized in Alberta in 2015, Build Together, Women of the Building Trades is a national program of Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU). Build Together promotes, supports, and mentors women in the skilled construction trades. She describes the challenges and achievements as an apprentice, in first days on a job, and in the first dispatch to a camp jobsite, through to the pride and confidence of a skilled tradesperson. She describes the responsibility she feels to make it easier for other women on the jobsite. She also speaks of the benefits of working union jobs, including the emphasis on health and safety, pride in one’s work, and the sense of community among co-workers.
Keywords: Apprenticeship; Apprenticeship transfer; Benefit of union job; Build Together; Camp work; Diversity; Drug and alcohol testing; Health and safety; Ironworkers Local 720; Mentoring; Morale building; Pride in work; Spouse in same trade; Welders; Women in skilled trades, challenges
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