Alanna Marklund

Alanna MarklundYear: 2018
Location: Edmonton
Profile: Alanna Marklund is the National Manager for Youth, Diversity, and Indigenous Relations for the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Canada. She is a journeyperson welder, with a B-Pressure certificate, and a member of UA Local 488 in Edmonton, having started her apprenticeship in 2012. She was the first woman to participate in the UA international apprenticeship competition, after having won the Canadian national competition. She became a welding instructor in the Alberta Pipe Trades College before being appointed to her current position with UA Canada. She speaks about barriers women face in entering and working in the construction trades. She notes the importance of women in leadership roles in the construction unions and industries to make sure that women’s voices are heard on the jobsite. She also notes that it is crucial for the industry to look at issues involving pregnancy, maternity, and parenting.
Keywords: Achievements; Attitude and outlook; B pressure welding ticket; Barriers; Benefits of unionized shop; Build Together; C welding ticket; Child care; First job; Maternity leave; Pregnancy exposures; Proving yourself; UA Local 488; United Association of Plumbers And Pipefitters Canada; Welder; Women in leadership
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