Tanya George

Date: 2007
Location: Edmonton
Profile: After graduating as a nurse in 2001, Tanya George began working in Public Health at the Bonnie Doon Public Health Centre in Edmonton. Ever since, George has been involved with multiple programs within Public Health and is passionate about families and how the health of a family affects the health of the entire community.
            George first became a UNA Ward Representative and eventually a Local Executive when a position became available. She notes that mentoring and reaching out to members is a key role of the current executive and emphasizes the importance of member engagement so that nurses can advocate for each other and the people of Alberta. Tanya George also underlines the importance for members of knowing the history of UNA and the labour movement in general as a component of the union’s strategy for educating members.
Keywords: Community Health Nursing; Health For Two, Healthy Beginnings, Local Executive, Public Health, Ward Representative
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