Donna Antsey

Date: 2005
Location: Edmonton
Profile:  Donna Antsey began her training at the University of Alberta Hospital in 1965, and becoming a nurse in 1968. Antsey worked at the University of Alberta Hospital in cardiovascular surgery until she became a Patient Care Coordinator until her retirement in 2003. 
          Antsey recalls many events from her career, from initial employment insecurity to massive changes in workflow and staffing levels, including moving from the “old hospital” to the newly built facility.
          Antsey highlights the changes in training, equipment and what students were expected and allowed to do, and while she notes many positives the bond borne of hospital training in small groups is something that can’t be replaced or replicated.
          Antsey takes us on a journey of improving technology, improving staffing levels and improved outcomes for the patients.
Keywords: University of Alberta Hospital, School of Nursing, Cardiovascular Surgery
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