Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)

Index of interviews:

Cardinal, Pauline: Pauline Cardinal fights wage exploitation through CUPE union advocacy and training.

Cartasano, Mike: Mike Cartasano is a CUPE Local 474 Chief Shop Steward who advocated for public and member education programmes.

De los Santos, Felix: Filipino student organizer Felix de los Santos is a leading CUPE Local 474 officer who advocates for union training in health  and safety, harassment and discrimination.

Paz, Virgil: Virgil Paz organized for CUPE Local 474 against privatization and other attacks on union members.

Reyes, Enrique: Enrique Reyes is a Chilean refugee and CUPE Local 474 activist who advocates for Health & Safety, and workplace diversity.

Stewart, Trevor: CUPE Local 474 activist Trevor Stewart is an advocate for the poor and is opposed to privatization.