Moving Forward: Profiles of Alberta Women

Lesley Baker

Anne Baranyk-Broad

Linda Bridge & Barb Charles

Ellen Bullock

Yessy Byl

Barb Byers

Kathie Bzdel

Catherine Canning

Laurie Coates

Kim Conway

Karen Craik

Carol Anne Dean (1)

Carol Anne Dean (2)

Ann Dort-Maclean

Nancy Furlong

Evelyn Gilbert

Sheila Greckol

Lydia and Tony Husyk

Kim Jaedicke

Deb Jamerson
From Winnipeg with roots in the Black settler communities of Amber Valley and Maidstone. Union activist helping to lead the struggle against discrimination in wages towards Black health care aides; opposed privatization of homecare in Manitoba.

Bev Lawrence

Yvette Lynch
Born in Barbados, arrived in Calgary via Montreal. Worked as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital and participated in the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Cyriline Lynch-Parker
Worked  as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital; union activist who participated in  the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Joyce McArthur

Lori McDaniel

Dorothy McKenna

Adeline Miron

Doreen Morton

Susan Parcels

Bena Pattni & Karen Kennedy

Tanis Pichette

Jacqueline Preyde

Mary Price

Bob Price & Diane Peterson

Alexis Ranger

Chellae Rehbein

Marle Roberts

Lisa Rose

Jean Ross (2003)

Jean Ross (2005)

Suzanne Sirias

Kathleen and Charles Smith

Karen Sputek

Jan Tarasoff

Grace Thostenson

Doug and Evelyn Tomlinson

Muriel Turner-Wilkinson

Siobhan Vipond

Maureen Werlin

Norma Wesche

Agnes and Lorne Wiley

Beth Wiwchar

Myrna Wright