Index to Interviews for System Racism in Alberta’s History

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Tarik Accord
Somalia-born Tarik Accord worked in several cleaning firms. Injured on the job at one of them, she helped form a union at Bee Clean and served as a union steward, emphasizing education of members regarding their legal rights with regards to occupational health and safety.

Brian Alleyne
Arrived in Canada in 1969 with medical training from London, England and had to redo his postsecondary studies; Alberta’s first epidemiologist; conducted Health & Safety research in Alberta’s meatpacking plants. President of Cariwest for a number of years.

Aisha Amin
Journeyperson welder; she contributed her welding skills to the festival community for many years by producing large frames for the annual Cariwest street parade.

Ramon Antipan
After coming to Canada as a refugee of the 1973 Chilean coup, Ramon Antipan worked for Canada Post and became President of CUPW Local 730, after which he continued to work on social justice issues in his retirement.

Cecil (Cec) Cardinal
Cecil Cardinal is an Indigenous corrections officer and a dedicated trade unionist who advocates against governments’ austerity measures.

James (Jim) Cardinal
Jim Cardinal was raised in a Cree-speaking Indigenous family in Owl River. After several years working in construction in Fort McMurray, he became a welder at Suncor and a union activist. As vice-president and then president of his local of his union local (part of today’s UNIFOR), Cardinal fought discrimination against Indigenous workers.

Pauline Cardinal
Pauline Cardinal fought wage exploitation through CUPE union advocacy and training.

Felix de los Santos

Angela Fiddler
Angela Fiddler, a member of the Waterhen Cree Nation, faced racism in oilsands’ work camps and was able, as a shop steward for UFCW Local 401, to bargain for Indigenous rights to worship in the camps. 

Vicki Gillingham
Vicki Gillingham is an Indigenous woman and union activist who works as a process operator at Suncor.

Angela Grandbois
Dene Albertan and journeyperson with over 10 years of experience as a pipefitter-steamfitter; member of UA Local 488; recently completed her certification in Power Engineering.

Gwen Hooks
Black settler community in Breton, Alberta; became a teacher, and then principal of a special education school; president of a local Alberta Teachers’ Association chapter; opened a museum in Breton.

Selwyn Jacob
Born in Trinidad, he came to Edmonton in 1969 to study drama and film production at the U of A; president of Cariwest; award-winning producer and director at the National Film Board of Canada, creating over 50 films and documentaries.

Deb Jamerson
From Winnipeg with roots in the Black settler communities of Amber Valley and Maidstone. Union activist helping to lead the struggle against discrimination in wages towards Black health care aides; opposed privatization of homecare in Manitoba.

Peter Jany
Refugee from South Sudan who arrived in Alberta via Ethiopia and Kenya; worked at Lakeside Packers in Brooks, Alberta; union organizer there with UFCW.

Mohamed Kanu
Refugee from Sierra Leone who studied in Cuba before taking up residence in Red Deer.  Union appointed Safety Representative at a meat processing plant who upholds union advocacy and training.

Tets Kitaguchi
Tets Kitaguchi, an Alberta trade union activist in a lime kiln and a pulp mill, had been forced to return to Alberta, his home province, from BC when the federal government evacuated Japanese-descended people from the Pacific Coast during World War II.

Stanley Knowlton
Stanley Knowlton is a member of the Blackfoot First Nation who has served as an interpreter at Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump since 2006.

Emmanuel (Manny) Lacson
Manny Lacson is an immigrant worker from the Philippines who became active in a UFCW Local 401 union organizing drive at Lakeside Packers and then in two strikes in 2005.

Yvette Lynch
Born in Barbados, arrived in Calgary via Montreal. Worked as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital and participated in the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Cyriline Lynch-Parker
Worked  as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital; union activist who participated in  the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Wesley Mapp
Born in the Black settler community of Amber Valley. One of Alberta’s first insulators, active as a union steward and focused on health and safety.

Sam Nuako
Sam Nuako is a Ghanian-born labour relations officer for UFCW who focuses strongly on diversity issues and on encouraging members to always speak up about their concerns.

Amal Nypiuk

Bena Pattni

Hazel Proctor
Of African-American heritage and strong community roots in AAACP and other organizations.  Highlights her father’s Sleeping Car Porter’s job as the best available for black men with women confined to cleaning and household employment in the 1950s and 1960s

Linda Robinson
Linda Robinson is an Indigenous polio survivor, determined to fight for improvements for Indigenous people.

Colette Singh

Beryl Stelmach
Jamaican-born English trained nurse who specialized in different areas of her field.  In Canada, employment was mainly federal – in hospitals and penitentiaries.

Muriel Stanley Venne (1)
Muriel Stanley-Venne is a lifelong fighter for human rights and justice for Indigenous women and men.

Muriel Stanley Venne (2)
Muriel Stanley-Venne is a lifelong fighter for human rights and justice for Indigenous women and men.

Vincent A. (Vince) Venne

Doreen Wabasca
First woman hired by the City of Edmonton in a road construction job; foreperson for the City; truck driver.

Mojo Williams
Calgary-born gemologist and musician, was long-time grievance officer for the Alberta Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, beginning in the late 1960s. He dealt with cases that
included discrimination in housing, workplaces, schools, and nightclubs.