Mohamed Kanu

Date: 2014
Location: Jasper (AFL School)
Profile: Mohamed Kanu, former CUSO (Canadian University Services Overseas) Organizer from Sierra Leone, arrived as a Refugee in Canada, after several years in Cuba pursuing Agri-Engineering.  The raging Civil War in his home country and murder of his family members made it impossible to return home.  Kanu took up residency in Red Deer but was not able to obtain employment in his field.  During his steady employment at a Red Deer meat processing company, Kanu became a Union Safety Representative, committed to serving his members in spite of the social structures in the workplace.
This dedicated unionist promotes the strength of the union and his commitment to improving the workplace, and protecting jobs. Kanu describes his handling of racial and religious conflict as always promoting humanity first.  He looks forward to continuing his union training and praises his union for standing up for humanity.
Keywords: Civil War, Sierra Leone; Cuba – Education; Cuba – Social Consciousness; Health and Safety; Health and Safety Representative; Safety Inspection.
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