Calgary Laundry Workers Strike

Poster by Mary Joyce


Booklet: Fighting Back: The Calgary laundry workers’ strike of 1995 (PDF)

Poster and Essay from Graphic History Collective


Bill Johnson

Colette Singh

Gord Christie

Jimmy Arthurs
Electrician Jimmy Arthurs, a member of CUPE at the time, participated in solidarity work with the laundry workers at Calgary General Hospital during the Calgary laundry strike in 1995.

Len Fagnan

Sean McManus

Susan Keeley (2007)

Susan Keeley (2008)

Yvette Lynch
Born in Barbados, arrived in Calgary via Montreal. Worked as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital and participated in the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Cyriline Lynch-Parker
Worked  as a laundry worker at the Calgary General Hospital; union activist who participated in  the 1995 Laundry Workers Strike.

Cecile Sangster-Locker
Cecile Sangster-Locker is an RN and midwife who played important roles in all the nursing strikes in Alberta to date.

Clancy Teslenko
Clancy Teslenko was a CUPE activist from 1980 to 1998 when she was a unit clerk at Calgary General Hospital and an active opponent of cutbacks and privatization.

Laundry Workers Discussion: Could the Strike Solidarity Have Been Enlarged? (Tom Fuller, Winston Gereluk, Dave Werlin, and Jim Selby)