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Waltzing with the Angels: documentary about Métis Ironworkers building Edmonton’s CN Tower.

Métis Ironworkers: The Métis Experience

Métis Ironworkers: CN Tower (1)

Métis Ironworkers: CN Tower (2)

Tyler Bruce
A young Indigenous Ironworker, unionist and health and safety advocate, Bruce Tyler is studying to provide counselling to traumatized and marginalized Indigenous communities.

Cecil (Cec) Cardinal
Cecil Cardinal is an Indigenous corrections officer and a dedicated trade unionist who advocates against governments’ austerity measures.

James (Jim) Cardinal
Jim Cardinal was raised in a Cree-speaking Indigenous family in Owl River. After several years working in construction in Fort McMurray, he became a welder at Suncor and a union activist. As vice-president and then president of his local of his union local (part of today’s UNIFOR), Cardinal fought discrimination against Indigenous workers.

Lewis Cardinal
Lewis Cardinal is a lifelong Indigenous educator and communicator whose recent project has been creation of a unifying cultural site for Indigenous peoples in Alberta and beyond.

Angela Fiddler
Angela Fiddler, a member of the Waterhen Cree Nation, faced racism in oilsands’ work camps and was able, as a shop steward for UFCW Local 401, to bargain for Indigenous rights to worship in the camps.

Vicki Gillingham
Vicki Gillingham is an Indigenous woman and union activist who works as a process operator at Suncor.

Angela Grandbois
Dene Albertan and journeyperson with over 10 years of experience as a pipefitter-steamfitter; member of UA Local 488; recently completed her certification in Power Engineering.

Stanley Knowlton
Stanley Knowlton is a member of the Blackfoot First Nation who has served as an interpreter at Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump since 2006.

Mike Mearns
Mike Mearns, RN, played a key role in the creation of UNA and served as one of its initial labour relations officers.

Linda Robinson
Linda Robinson is an Indigenous polio survivor, determined to fight for improvements for Indigenous people.

Muriel Stanley Venne
Muriel Stanley Venne is a lifelong fighter for human rights and justice for Indigenous people.

Mary Strong 
Mary Strong is the pseudonym for an Indigenous woman, a Sixties scoop survivor, who has become a leader in her AUPE local of homecare workers.

Desmond Thomas
Desmond Thomas is an Indigenous member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, Local 488, who benefited from an Indigenous-run program that works with the trades unions to provide an entry into the trades for Indigenous people.

Karen Three Persons
Karen Three Persons is a veteran Indigenous nurse and UNA local president, who has managed training programmes for Elders’ care and home care.

Vincent Venne

Doreen Wabasca
First woman hired by the City of Edmonton in a road construction job; foreperson for the City; truck driver.