Moving Forward: Alberta Women and Work

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Preserving and honouring womens work and achievements

Interviews with Women for Moving Forward: Alberta Women and Work

The goal of ALHI’s Moving Forward project is to record and recognize the important work carried out by women throughout Albertas history, and to honour the achievements of women in various areas of work and the labour movement. The project involves the gathering and recording of the stories of and about women and work, and making this history available to the public.

ALHI members research in archives, seek out information in personal collections, and conduct interviews around the province. Informational panels, brochures, and video material are then produced for public educational outreach.

Moving Forward Profiles

  • Alberta women and work: an overview of the work of Alberta women, both paid and unpaid, including the contributions to First Nations communities, on the farms, in homes, in workplaces, and in the labour movement.
  • Rosella Bjornson: the first woman pilot on jet aircraft for a Canadian commercial airline, and the first woman airline first officer on a jet aircraft in all of North America.
  • Kathleen Andrews: the first woman transit operator for the Edmonton Transit System (ETS).
  • Susan Parcels: Her Human Rights case established principles for entitlement to maternity benefits in Alberta.
  • Women of CUPW: Women involved with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
  • Women in the Skilled Trades
  • Women’s Futures