Celanese Edmonton Workers’ Oral Histories

Lorne Bantle & Dwight Krislock: Lorne Bantle and Dwight Krislock were long-time machinists at Celanese who were among the workers left jobless by the plant’s closure in 2007.
Reg Basken: Reg Basken was president of the Alberta Federation of Labour from 1972 to 1978 and president of the Energy and Chemical Workers Union from 1984 to 1992.
Sam Cholak & Tom Enright
Bill Climie
David Coles
Terry Dekker
Bernie Flierl
Willa Gorman
Larry Hoffman
Jack Hubler
Brad & Theresa Kelly
Cec Kereliuk
Don MacNeil
Dave Malka
Mike McKinney
Eugene Mitchell
Bill Moore-Kilgannon
Amal Nypiuk
Norm Proulx
Neil Reimer
Norm Tropak
Glen Walker
Rod Wood
Louis Yakimishyn