Brad & Theresa Kelly

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When Celanese wasn’t Celanese Canada
anymore it seemed to go downhill.
Celanese was a cash cow for the States.
A lot of people from Celanese aren’t working
– they’re lost-they really are
To get into an operator job was hard for
A woman. It was male oriented
No easy jobs at Celanese.
Women were turned off-go home smelling like
Benzene- like a vinegar bottle.

Huge effect on Edmonton, Ft. Saskatchewan,Lamont, Mundare families.
Government puts all their eggs in one basket-oil and gas.
Day of stable jobs is over.
In the Celanese corporation you’re just a number.
Big business is running the show.
Government has to look toward the future- go in
Dig a hole 100 feet deep, take it all out in two years,
can’t do that–