Jack Hubler

HublerInterview Transcript (PDF)
Index: Toxic buildings to work in
25 to 30% of building trades work is is plant shut-downs
Building trades unions forced Brown & Roote to build
Celanese union. Still the only place where the giant corporation is unionized.
That helped when OCAW unionized Celanese plant, the beginning
Of unionization in energy in Alberta
Celanese workers spent their wages in the community
Atrocious toxic buildings, like the formaldehyde building with
No breathing apparatus.
During construction they analyzed 6 or 7 would die. If only 4 lost
It was a safe operation
Ed Ewaciuk started in the plant, became a union and community leader, City Councillor and NDP MLA
Vance Sheewy
Norm Diversrire
100th Anniversary of the Trades and Labour Council
Ron Patterson
We had no say in leaving the CLC
High level meetings needed to get back unions back together
NAFTA- no control of our own destiny