AUPE Oral Histories

Jimmy Arthurs

Bill Broad
Bill Broad was the founding president of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.

Cecil Cardinal

Carol Anne Dean

Kathleen Cariaga-Estapa
Kathleen Cariaga-Estapa has been active in AUPE’s local at Chartwell in Edmonton where she first began work as a housekeeper who was a temporary foreign worker.

Cecilia Delfino

Mary Jane Fisher
When she became an LPN, former Jehovah’s Witness Mary Jane Fisher replaced her former religious activities with a struggle, as an AUPE activist, for workers’ rights to a safe workplace.

Kate Jacobson
Kate Jacobson is an internal organizer for the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) who describes her earlier oppressive working conditions in non-union jobs and her years as a social and environmental militant.

Dennis Malayko
Dennis Malayko created the government’s joint worksite health and safety program, as well as initiating efforts to create both provincial and national union-controlled workers’ health and safety promotion organizations.

Joyce McArthur

Sean McManus

Tanis Pichette

Suzanne Sirias

Karen Sputek

Amanda Whillans
Amanda Whillans is a healthcare aide in a Cold Lake assisted living home where a bitter strike occurred in 2017.

Myrna Wright