1803: 7 Men selected by Fidler to go to Lake Athabasca would not stay unless higher wages (Burley 201)

1820: Peace River/Ft. Chipeweyan near-mutiny (Burley 217)
– Men of Ft. Edmonton District refuse to renew contract without higher wages (Burley 202)

1862: Men of Ft. Edmonton on-strike because of lack of rations (Burley 218)

1882: Canadian Pacific Railway reaches Medicine Hat

1883: Building trades workers go in strike in Calgary at the height of building boom inspired by coming of the CPR

1884: Leaders of Northwest Rebellion receive support from settlers along North Saskatchewan River alienated by Dominion Government and the CPR (Finkel)

1885: Railway navvies launch major strike

1886: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers local formed in Medicine Hat
Knights of Labour form Assembly in Calgary

1888: Formation of Society of Equity and Non-Partisan Leagues amongst farmers in the Northwest Territories (Alberta & Saskatchewan)

1892: United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America forms Local 75 in Calgary; does not survive

1897: CPR receives enormous grants and concessions to build a line through the Crowsnest Pass to spur development in the Prairies (Finkel)

1897: Strike at Galt Mine in Lethbridge, organized by first Local of Western Federation of Miners in Lethbridge