Dennis Bennett

Year: 2009
Location: Jasper
Profile: Dennis Bennett began his union involvement in 1974 when he was a correctional officer in Calgary. He was involved in a jail strike called by the Civil Service Association of Alberta, predecessor of AUPE. Afterwards he became secretary-treasurer of his CSA local. That led to his becoming one of AUPE’s vice-presidents in 1979 and in 1980 a full-time occupational health and safety officer for AUPE. He later joined HSSA as a labour relations consultant. Bennett had been involved in the AFL from his AUPE days and was supportive of its annual labour school which brings together workers from all backgrounds. In the interview Bennett describes HSAA’s evolution as a union and a member of the house of labour.
Keywords: Civil Servant Association (CSA); Correctional officer; Jail strike; Labour relations consultant; Occupational Health and Safety officer; Public Service Employee Relations Act.
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See also: Alberta Federation of Labour; AUPE; Health and Safety; HSAA