John Ewasiw

EwasiwJYear: 1998
Location: Edmonton
John Ewasiw appears in the ALHI documentary video about the meat packing plant on 66th Street here. He also appears in the documentary about the wave of Alberta strikes in the Summer of ’86 here.
Index: Working at the meatpacking plant on 66th street in Edmonton, 1957-1997; Meatpacking industry in Edmonton in the 1950s and early 1960s; Purchase of Swifts Canada by Peter Pocklington I n1979 – moved Gainers to 66th street; 1984 negotiations; 1986 Gainers strike; Take over of the plant by Alberta government; Purchase of the plant by Burns in 1993 – conditions deteriorate; North Edmonton community; Benefits of unionization; UFCW involvement in Action Centre for re-training after Maple Leaf closed the plant
Transcript: Download PDF