The 1919 Workers’ Revolt in Calgary

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  1. Introduction
  2. Seeds of Conflict
  3. Workers Organize
  4. Freight Handlers
  5. Working Class Life
  6. Labour Conference
  7. Winnipeg Strike
  8. Coal Towns
  9. Edmonton Strike
  10. Strike Begins
  11. Women Strike
  12. Capital Strikes Back
  13. Lessons and Legacies


Don Bouzek
Sean Carleton
Jason Devine
Alvin Finkel
Winston Gereluk
Kate Jacobson
Tom Langford
Tom MacGrath
Karen Jeane Mills
Kirk Niergarth
Julia Smith


We would like to acknowledge the many people who helped us to produce this project. Our thanks to the Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI) for their support. ALHI ensured that the graphic designer, Karen Mills, received compensation for her work. We thank Sharon Reilly for help with photographs. We also thank all of the authors listed in the further reading section for their scholarship, which helped us better understand the workers’ revolt in Canada and the 1919 Calgary strike in particular

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