Kris Moskal

Year: 2020
Location: Edmonton
Kris Moskal is a paramedic in Edmonton’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and an  activist in the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA). He has used his front-line experiences to speak out on the opioid drug crisis, the campaign for Pharmacare, and the impacts of potential further cutbacks, contracting-out and privatization on the people who deliver health care services to Albertans. He has seen the disastrous and costly results for people who cannot afford to buy prescribed medicine. His interview occurred at a time when Alberta’s health care system was being reshaped during the Covid-19 pandemic that exhausted health care workers and claimed some of their lives.
Keywords: Emergency Medical Services; Health Sciences Association of Alberta;  Opioids; Paramedics; Pharmacare; Pharmaceutical industry; Supervised consumption sites.
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