Neil Reimer

ReimerInterviewee: Neil Reimer
Year: 2004
Location: Edmonton
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Index: Regina Coop Refinery Organized; Coming to Alberta; John L. Lewis; Formation of the Congress of Industrial Workers (CIO); Walter Ruther; Alberta Industrial Federation of Labour; AFL and Socreds work together; Carl Berg; Sweetheart agreements; Unions and the CIA; Labour Progressive Party; ICFTU; Canadian Labour Congress; Canadian Congress of Labour; Teamsters break away; Formation of NDP in Alberta; Back to the Bible Hour; Prairie Bible Institute; Ken Pugh; Tar Sands; Communist scare; Moral Rearmament; Canadian Religion Labour Organization; Packinghouse Workers; Elmer Roper; The preferential ballot; Nuclear bombs; Public ownership of resources; Petrochemical industry; International Chemical Workers; Making the atomic bomb; In-house unions; Celanese; Pension plans; Seniors