Crowsnest Pass Coalmining Community Group Interview 1

Date:  2005
Location: Coleman
Thirteen people participated in this wide-ranging group interview about work and life in the Crowsnest Pass during its coal mining era.
Profiles: Glen Poulton worked as a miner in the Crowsnest starting in 1946.
Emily Root is the daughter of the owner of a logging camp that supplied logs to the mine.
Pauline Griegel is a miner’s daughter who became a miner’s wife and then a widow who worked in a variety of jobs after he died in a mining accident.
Clara Marconi worked as a nursing aide at the Crowsnest Pass Hospital for 25 years; her husband was a miner.
Gary Taje worked in the mines from about 1971 till about 1998.
Bill Skura was a miner and union activist for decades.
John Yeliga became a miner at age 17.
Ray Root was a miner until work injuries forced him to seek other work.
Veronica Fontana was a miner’s daughter who participated in union-organized activities in her youth.
Emma Fontana was a miner’s daughter.
Al Fontana provides historical materials on the miners’ unions.
Albin Panek was a miner from 1935 to 1970.
John Kinear worked underground in the mines.
Keywords: Coleman; Crowsnest Pass; miners’ wives; mining communities—living conditions; occupational health and safety—coal mines; United Mineworkers of America; women in mining communities; strikes—coal mines.
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