1990: AFL leads Alberta activists in Action Canada Network action against the GST
– ATU holds transit strike in Calgary

1991: Pro-Canada Network becomes Action Canada Network, as Conservative Government of Brian Mulroney pursues massive cutbacks in social service and health care cost-sharing, pursues a North American Free Trade Agreement, and promises a value-added tax on goods and services; Alberta trade unions lead an active provincial wing
– PSAC organizes nation-wide strike of federal government employees against continuing wage restraints
– Massive reorganization and cutbacks as Unemployment Insurance Commission transformed into Employment Insurance

1992: Alberta Federation of Labour leads provincial Action Canada struggles against NAFTA

1993: Ralph Klein becomes Alberta Premier; promises massive cuts to operating budget
Members of CAW in Edmonton hold second strike at Engine Rebuilders; win glorious victory

1994: Provincial government cutbacks result in massive layoffs in the general service, health and social services with Edmonton, as provincial capital, hardest hit.

1995: Projectionists, members of the International Association of Theatre, Stage Employees, hold province-wide strike
– Laundry workers in Calgary, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 8 and Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, Local 55, hold wildcat strike against contracting-out; are first to make Premier Klein ‘blink’ as they win limited protection

1996: United Food and Commercial Workers local strikes Safeway stores in Edmonton as the chain attempts a major rollback in wages.

1997: The United Food and Commercial Workers local at Maple Leaf Foods, successor to Gainers, strikes despite the owners’ threats to close the plant.

1998: PSAC members celebrate groundbreaking pay equity award from the Canadian Human Rights Commission

1999: Members of Canadian Energy & Paperworkers’ Union go on strike against the Calgary Herald and Conrad Black